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  1. The United States is reportedly considering imposing import tariffs on almost $11 billion worth of goods that originated in the European Union. The proposition came as an answer to the subsidies Airbus has received from the EU, as they’re believed to have an adverse effect on the US. — With a very probable end in […]

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  2. Facebook has imposed a permanent ban on at least a dozen far-right groups and their leaders, saying they fall under the company’s new definition of “dangerous individuals and organizations.” — In what has been described as a direct blow to the freedom of speech, Facebook has deplatformed some of the UK’s biggest far-right organizations and […]

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  3. The 10 EU news and developments from April 20 - 21, 2019, ranked in order of importance.

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  4. Zelensky has vowed to return home the Ukrainians held in captivity by the pro-Russian forces in Donbass.

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  5. The lead of the leftist bidder is only several thousand votes.

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